Enterprise PR Companion - FAQ

In this page we give you the list of frequently asked questions.
This will help you to clear most our your questions.

If you need to add any more questions to this please share it with us.

1) How to get access to the Enterprise PR Companion website?

You need to us at sales@prcompanion.com to get a trial user id and password.


2) Is Enterprise Edition free?

No its not free. You need to pay 199.99$ to get access to the enterprise edition for 1 year subscription.


3) What is the difference between Enterprise PR Companion and Free PR Companion?

Enterprise Companion has been developed using advanced rechnology so it is faster,organized ,efficient and easier to use The free version is little slow compared to Enterprise,but it covers all the database details as the Enterprise Edition and it has all the different and advanced search criteria to make your search easier. In Enterprise you add appointments,save your search results,add notes and an email will be send to you if there are any new search results . The free version do not have these facilities.


4) Is help Information provided to use this tool?

Yes,In each page of your search a help information will be on the right side of the page,which will surely help you in your search.If more help is needed you can contact our support team they will assist you.


5) How many outlets / opportunities / contacts are there in your database?

There are nearly 10,000+ outlets, 45,000+ opportunities and 25,000+ contacts.


6) Do you provide the contact details of the outlets?

Yes,We do provide the contact details of all the outlets.


"PR Companion is a perfect tool for our PR team and it increse our productivity."




Trial Request

You can request for two weeks trial to access the enterprise edition. Please send an email to info@prcompanion.com to request a two weeks trial.

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