Product Overview

Enterprise PR Companion overview

Enterprise PR Companion is a perfect tool that can be used by PR professionals.
This tool will increase the productivity of the product.

The PR companion database is updated round the clock by our highly talented research professionals. Our research team has good knowledge about the PR business so they can add the appropriate details .

Currently this product is fully free for the PR professionals . We have a huge database which has 10,000+ outlets, 45,000+ opportunities and 25,000+ contacts. You can search the database with outlets details or the user can search for opportunities. PR Companion is the only free and open website that have a huge list of outlet details and opportunities. This is a free website maintained by a web servicing company.

"PR Companion is a perfect tool for our PR team and it increse our productivity."




Trial Request

You can request for two weeks trial to access the enterprise edition. Please send an email to to request a two weeks trial.

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