Free PR Companion


  • Type the outlet Name near to Outlet name text box.

  •  Select the outlet type as Magazine, News Paper ,Television etc

  • And then click the Search Outlets Button.

  • It will display all the outlets named with the outlet you searched.

  • The search result will show the outlet name, description, circulation, outlet URL, frequency,  and Outlet type

  • Right click near to each outlet  and a menu and sub menu will be displayed

  • By clicking on the view menu you can view the outlet, opportunity and contact details.

  • By clicking on the the Add To menu you can add the outlet to your outlet

  • By clicking on the reminder you can set up a reminder and an email will be send to you if there are any new opportunities or contacts are added

  • By clicking on the Add to Notes you can write short notes about your outlets to keep it handy .

  • In Comments menu by clicking Add comments you can write your comments about the specific outlet

  • You can view the comments by other users by clicking the view comments submenu

  • By clicking on the + button you can view a brief description about the outlet.

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